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106 JACK fm has been broadcasting across Hertfordshire since 2001. Actually that's a big fat lie - we were previously Hertbeat FM and changed names in 2010, but what's a name between friends? JACK broadcasts to a potential of 268,000 people in the towns of Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Hertford, Hatfield, Hitchin, Ware and Letchworth Garden City, and surrounding areas.

And the great news - advertising on JACK fm costs a lot less than you think (don't tell our boss)!!

Your potential customers - and our 69,680 weekly listeners - are listening to JACK in the home, the workplace, the car, the garden etc.

JACK's exciting - different... hey, you're reading this, so you obviously agree, right??

Want internet advertising?  Yes, we do that too, 106Jack.com (this website) has thousands of unique visitors a month viewing the site - all interested in our competitions, music, Local Directory, JACKtivities, naked pictures of Steve Folland etc    Plus - we've got over 11,500 Hertfordshire residents signed up to get our e-newsletter, which you can also be part of.  We didn't buy a marketing list off someone shady on a street corner in Stevenage - no, that's 11,500+ people who made a conscious decision to apply to receive updates from JACK fm Hertfordshire! Honest!!!!

A ten year study has recently shown that the percentage recall for radio advertising is a massive 86% against the 16% average that press advertising can boast.  <<<Impressive stat we thought we'd throw in!!!!

Our sales team at JACK fm specialise in creating campaigns and features that attract your consumer group more effectively than the local press. The sales team here at JACK are passionate about our brand. They're also very passionate about chocolate and shoes.

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(Sources: Cogent Research, Feb 2011)

  • 16:31 Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything Download
  • 16:27 Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar Download
  • 16:23 Heaven 17 - Temptation Download
  • 16:16 Cardigans - My Favourite Game Download
  • 16:08 Supertramp - Take The Long Way Home Download
  • 16:04 Deacon Blue - Dignity Download
  • 15:54 Jack Johnson - You And Your Heart Download
  • 15:51 Thin Lizzy - Dancing In The Moonlight Download
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