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Video: UK Construction Sector Sees Unexpected Boost

Construction activity jumped to a 21-month high in March as new orders rose at their fastest rate in four and a half years.

Online Advertising Reaches A Record High

Online and mobile advertising reached a new high of nearly £5bn last year, helped by a massive increase in video and social media adverts.

Video: Manufacturing Uplift As Optimism Grows

Manufacturing activity increased at the fastest rate in 10 months, indicating that prospects for growth have improved and the UK could avoid a recession.

Oil Reserves Add To Falklands Tensions

The UK will not lay claim to any oil - potentially worth over £100bn - that is found in the Falklands, a Government minister has told Sky News.

Video: Fuel Strike Talks Due On Wednesday

Talks aimed at resolving the fuel tak drivers' dispute will be held on Wednesday, the mediation service Acas has said.

Video: Google Creates Virtual Tours Of Top Galleries

Google has adapted its Street View technology to map galleries and museums around the world so people can take free virtual tours online.

Video: Nottingham First In UK To Tax Office Parking

Nottingham has become the first city in the UK to try to tackle congestion by taxing businesses with 11 or more car parking spaces.

Video: Executive Pay Bodies 'Are Closed Shops'

Campaigners are calling for an end to top company executives awarding each other big pay rises.

Video: Youth Contract Scheme Worth £1bn Is Launched

The Government is attempting to tackle youth unemployment with the launch of its £1bn Youth Contract Scheme.

Video: PM Faces Backlash Over Email Snooping Plans

The Prime Minister is facing a growing backbench backlash over plans to expand the Government's powers to monitor the emails, texts and website visits of every person in the UK.