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Scott's Farewell Letter Fetches £163,250 At Auction

A moving farewell letter written by polar explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott in the last few days of his life has been sold at auction for £163,250.

Look Out, Tom Daly! Penguins Get Diving Board

British Olympic diver Tom Daly's feathers may be ruffled after seeing these images of penguins putting their new diving board to the test at the London Zoo.

Hiker Attacked By Lion Is Saved By Bear

A hiker has described how he was attacked by a mountain lion while walking in the US - only to be saved by a bear.

Video: Circus Elephant Goes On The Run In Ireland

A 2.5-ton elephant broke loose from its handlers and went on the run during a parade in Blackpool, Cork.

Obese Pets Forced To Fight Flab For Charity

A charity has organised a weight-loss contest for obese pets to highlight the plight of household animals who are overfed.