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Video: Stiller Film Trailer Axed Over Trayvon Death

The marketing campaign for Ben Stiller's new comedy, Neighbourhood Watch, has been axed following the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Donna 'Airhead': Ditzy Defence Wins Fraud Case

Donna Air has been cleared of fraudulently applying for a parking permit after her lawyer argued "there was not a lot going on in her head".

Tearful Robbie: I'm Going To Be A Daddy

Robbie Williams is to become a father for the first time after confirming his wife, Ayda Field, is pregnant.

Video: Judge Ends Lindsay Lohan's Formal Probation

Lindsay Lohan's formal period of probation has ended - with the judge telling the Mean Girls star to grow up and stop clubbing.

Stay Classy! The Return Of Ron Burgundy

Will Ferrell has announced he is to reprise his Ron Burgundy role in a sequel to cult classic Anchorman.